Friday, February 09, 2007

Meeting Other Methobloggers

Yesterday, Spring Term classes started as Asbury. I saw a student in my Hebrew class that I didn't recognize, so I introduced myself. It was Methoblogger Jim Morrow of the South Georgia Conference. He has, of course, been added to the Asbury Bloggers' Blogroll.

Today, Gavin Richardson was in town while his wife was attending a business convention. I picked him up at his luxurious hotel/resort and we went to a Colombian bakery. Orlando has a large Colombian community and their unique baked goods substantially add to the city's menu. It was great to get to sit down with a colleague and talk shop and such for two hours.

I took a couple pictures, but the computer is being ornery about loading them. None of them include the infamous tattoo, anyway.


gavin richardson said...

i really enjoyed this morning j. thanks for picking me up and showing around a bit.

Theresa Coleman said...

I really don't have a pressing need to know if Gavo has a tat or not on his posterior.

Really. I don't.