Monday, April 14, 2008

A Conversation about My Blog

"'This Blog is 100% Zombie Proof'?" my wife asked, pointing at the new banner logo in my sidebar.

"You don't think that I'm overestimating that figure, do you?" I asked, concerned.

"No," she responded. "It's just a strange thing to put on your blog."

"Well, I've been pretty serious lately, writing about sacramental theology and such. And since Bishop Schnase was probably going to read my blog if only to get a look at his Methodist Blogger Profile, I decided to put up that banner. I wouldn't want him to fall under the mistaken impression that I'm a serious Methodist commentator."

"That's my husband," she said with a giggle, "Only you could see being taken seriously as a liability."


Scotte Hodel said...

Only a fool can safely tell the king the truth!

(Or something like that.)

Here's to our noble order of truth-sayers!

Anonymous said...

Just because I don't believe in zombies doesn't mean they don't exist. You be sure and follow your heart and your truth.

Anonymous said...


Have been following the ongoing debate between you and Unc. on the best Zombie wepon. You must invest now - while we still have time - in a good Barrett .50 cal rifle. You can take head and body shots at 1000 yards - assuming the Zombies move slow. Much better than fire, chainsaws, or other mele weapons.

Just sayin.
Joe Cathey

Anonymous said...

Does your church have a bell tower?

All you have to do is get your PPRC to approve mounting some Barretts up there with the bells, and you could defend the entire neighborhood.

Even better, you could have your organ mechanic tie the rifles to one of the unused stops on the organ, so if zombies attack your organist need only switch from Open Diapason to Tower Rifles and continue playing. (Something martial and staccato, preferably.)

Of course, persuading the DS and the Bishop might be more difficult. Some people have no sense of impending doom.

DannyG said...

As someone who has worked in hospitals for 30 years: There are times to be serious, and times to laugh, and it's odd how closely the two reside.

John said...

I checked out the belfry shortly after arriving here. There's a crawlspace, but nothing viable as a gunport. And the wood of the flooring is rotten, so I'm not sure that it would support my weight.

I could get on the roof, and there would be plenty of height to do sniping. But that point, I might as well be on top of the parsonage.

John said...

Have been following the ongoing debate between you and Unc. on the best Zombie wepon.

Brooks says that the best anti-zombie weapon is the M1 Garand. What do you think?

Anonymous said...


The M1 is hard to beat. The only drawback is the 8 round enbloc clip. It pings away when you are through shooting your eight rounds. I would go for the Springfield M1A Scout or SCOM. Both are 308 Winchester and take detachable box mags that will hold up to 20 rounds. If you wanted to spend the clams you could go with the Springfield M1A Whitefeather and then you would have volume and accuracy in one package - Price = $2500. But hey, we are talking about the End of the World as We Know It. So what is a few thousand here and there.

Best Regards

Theresa Coleman said...

I'm stealing your banner and Zombie-proofing my blog. You just never know.

In the ongoing Zombie-Ninja war, I will say that the Ninja are kicking serious Zombie a$$.

No weapons necessary, just lots of Ninja Chakra.