Monday, June 27, 2005

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup #19

Here's the Week in Review in the Methodist blogosphere:

James Gibson wrote about the need to tell people painful truth, even when it offends them, and that it's time to disband the UMC.

Andy Bryan wrote about Emergent and the future of the Christian church (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!)

Chris Morgan blogged about spiritual training as athletic training and his observations from a day in court.

At Bandits No More, Richard wrote about the importance of homosexuality as a matter of doctrine, convincing churches to change in order to evangelize, his assessment of the Emergent movement, and the need for a less self-centered understanding of what church is for.

Ben Witherington examined the philosophical underpinnings of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

Beth Quick blogged about her chaplaincy experiences at a hospital.

Cole Wakefield wrote about the vows of Soulforce members.

At Connexions, Richard Hall blogged about the Christian preoccupation with sex, the realities of gay crime, and the murder by crucifixion of a Romanian nun. Joel Thomas wrote about the Kelo case and need for spiritual and moral healing, rather than physical (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!)

ConXian wrote that it's important not to let differences divide the Body of Christ.

Dave Warnock blogged about changes in the relationship between the Anglican Church and the Methodist Church (UK), the operating system OpenSolaris, the secret ordination of a woman as a Catholic priest, joining a list of bloggers in West Sussex County, understanding gender in Bible translation, memories of translating the Bible into Basque, and fisked Adrian Warnock (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!)

Dean Snyder interviewed the Director of Congregational Development of the Alabama-West Florida Conference and the Director of Congregational Development of the Western North Carolina Conference, which are among the few that are growing. He also examined the motivations of people entering and remaining in the ministry and the biological causes of church growth and decline.

Donald Sensing wrote about whether Bush is too good a Christian to be an effective war leader, the Muslim concept of martyrdom, overreactions to Koran desecration, eminent domain reform legislation, Administration accusations of Democratic treason, whether Bush will attempt to curm eminent domain abuse, eminent domain abuse in Nashville, fisking the WaPo, the risk to churches from eminent domain abuse, flag burning, and Koran desecration in Nashville.

Eric Manuel blogged about the need for tough honesty between pastors at annual conference.

Gavin Richardson announced that he is leaving one church staff position for another.

Gerry Charlotte Phelps blogged about Ronald Reagan's legacy, the impact of the Kelo decision on the housing market, eminent domain abuse, Karl Rove's controversial comments, and the return of normalcy in Iraq.

Grandma Jean reported on good news from Iraq.

Greg Lee blogged about the importance of being satisfied with being just a small part of the Body of Christ and the Methodist movement losing steam.

Growing Up wrote about making mission trips meaningful.

Jay Voorhees blogged about setting up a unique kind of early Sunday morning worship service and organization within the Emergent movement (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!) and gave a basic guide to setting up a website.

John Wilks wrote about the Kelo decision, admitting that we could fall to any sin, obesity as a sin issue, and the craving for power.

Jordan Cooper blogged about how technology is changing political movements.

Josh Tinley wrote about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging, literary respect for Harry Potter, asks for a definition of the emerging church movement, the future of the Iraq War, and evangelism by example rather than by door-to-door prostheltyzing, and the CBS show Rock Star.

Maobi blogged about domain name disputes, basic economics, Islamic terrorism in Thailand, customer service at Hong Kong Bank, Islamic terrorism in Malaysia, the prevalence of conspiracy theories in the Islamic world, driving in Malaysia, and the rescue of Australian hostage Douglas Wood. He also wrote extensively about Malaysian politics, of which I am ashamedly wholly ignorant and waaay too busy to research up to the level that I could understand the posts.

Progressive Christian wrote about the Supreme Court Ten Commandments case, Karl Rove's controversial comments, chickenhawks, salvation insurance (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!).

Theresa Coleman blogged about defining gender.

Scott Meier wrote about Christian jargon.

Shawn Richardson showed photos of progress in Iraq.

Stephen Fife wrote about the decline of the UMC.

Shane Raynor blogged about accountability in mainline and evangelical churches, Albert Mohler's views on the future of evangelicism (Best of the Methodist blogosphere!), Interpreter's story on Methodist blogging, and the impact of theology on church numerical growth.

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