Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Methodist Blogroll

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The rapid growth of the Methoblogosphere may be largely attributed to Shane Raynor's excellent leadership through Wesley Blog. One of his best innovations was the creation of a syndicated blogroll for Wesleyan bloggers with the Blogrolling web tool. It provided a point of contact for such bloggers to meet and get to know each other. Our connexion grew rapidly as a result.

Alas, the Methoblogosphere has been stagnating for a while. At first, I thought that this was due to the traditional summer slow-down, but now I think that this is largely due to a severe decay in the Methodist Blogroll, now filled with dead blogs and deprived of active Methodist blogs that would like to join. Since Shane took a hiatus three months ago, it has fallen into disrepair and not been updated. I have e-mailed Shane on a number of occasions on the subject, but cannot get a reply.

I think that it is time that we consider moving forward. I propose that one of our number use Blogrolling to create a new Methodist Blogroll that is up-to-date and will be updated frequently. Methoblogosphere leaders like Beth, Andy, Michael, or Greg come immediately to mind. This account could simply be handed over to Shane upon his return.

What do you think? I would appreciate links from other Methobloggers to this post so that everyone can get into the conversation. This is a decision that we should make as a whole community.

UPDATE: This post has been bumped down because it is now superfluous.


gavin richardson said...

we could utilize the blogging methodist blog to be a central point.. it's sorta out there, but we can organize it and use it till shane wishes to come back, if he does.

i've had some contact with him. he's busy, but doing fine, no timeframe on returning to blogging, but it's in the plans

John said...

That might provide a point of contact. But I've wondered why I never got an invitation to Blogging Methodists.

Shane Raynor said...

Sorry I've been so busy guys. Things are looking lighter, however. I'll commit to updating the blogroll by Sunday night. I have literally dozens of blogs to add, so perhaps it will be easier to just keep the one that's going. I'll also weed out the old blogs. I know I've dropped the ball on this, but I've been juggling a lot. After I catch up the blogroll, I'll decide if it's something I'm able to maintain or if I should hand it over to John. (Actually, it might not be a bad idea for both of us to maintain it in case one of us gets busy.)

Brett said...

I know that Shane has been busy with other things. I would be more for keeping what is there. A lot of bloggers have the code already, and it would be a real pain for some to switch. Many probably never would. I would like to recommend that two or three people be given access so that it's not such a chore for one person.
If everyone wants to switch, however, I'm fine with that as well.

John B said...

I don't see any reason to reinvent the blogroll if at all possible. As suggested maybe a few of us can work together to keep it going rathering than starting over. It's like most things on the net, it has to be regularly updated or it loses it draw.

I'm glad to hear Shane hasn't fallen off the planet. I sure do miss the Wesley blog.

gavin richardson said...

can someone volunteer to go through the blogroll and give a list of blogs that need to be deleted.. i think the criteria was not having posted within a month or two.. then send that list to shane and it might make updating easier.

john, not sure why you never got that invite.. that was created just to house a blogring, then there was talk of making it a central point, but the few who were talking about it never could agree on how to do anything with it as you did the mbwr, shane had the blogroll and most folks just rather read individuals blogs.

regardless, i've sent you an invite no, so maybe we can revisit that.

Michael said...

I'm up for doing whatever I can to help. I'm computer-illiterate, but I'm happy to help where I can.

John said...

Thanks, Shane. That'll be great!

Allan R. Bevere said...

Let's do it. An inactive blogosphere is a dead blogosphere.

Let me know where to sign up.

Richard said...

Well, I have really appreciated the blogroll and the MBWR. It really has allowed me to keep/maintain/enlighten/further my faith during a time when I was having serious doubts about my religious direction. Now, that I am getting beyond it, it's still great to be part of the conversation or just read and enjoy all your intelligent, fun, and insightful thoughts, feelings, and general comments. Thanks.

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