Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is Liberal Theology Killing Mainline Denominations?

Last week, I noted Beth Quick's response to this allegation. Now John Battern has a lengthy post partially agreeing with this accusation against liberalism. It's a good, thoughtful analysis of liberalism's impact upon Christian thought and life, but it needs more cowbell.


Joel Thomas said...

I believe that I have made positive contributions to the cause of Christ, but it is a waste of time, perhaps, arguing with those who think otherwise. Will I learn? Maybe not, as so far I've continued to beat my head against a brick wall even when the result is always the same.

John B said...

Great video! But if you ask some people my thoughts need a little less cow????? well not bells anyway.

j2 said...

Since most who care to converse with the loosely defined group of Methodist bloggers and commenters cannot begin to restrain themself from misusing terminology I propose suggested guidelines that all bloggers in this group try to adhere to.

Restrict commenters to one comment per thread.

Comments must stay on the topic of the bloggers post.

The words "liberal, conservative, gay, homesexual, progressive, right-wing, tolerance, intolerance, inclusive, exclusive, embryo, fetus, right(s), social-justice, judge(d,es,ment), war, peace, you, them, they, personhood, secular, agenda, Jesus, God, Church" are hereby banned. Any posts containing these banned words will be dropped.

Some acceptable substitutes may be used with the permission of the blogger the comment is directed to. The list, as always, is subject additions and deletions at the discretion of the methodist bloggers guild.

If the(mmm)...Jesu(err)...freaks don't like this very progressi(sissis) - I mean...conserva(vuvvvv)...rules of exclusio(momma) then the(ayyyy)...a group of individuals can leave and create their own churrrr...blogroll.

Oh, and non-methodist commenters are required to register separately as pagan idol worshippers whose opinions are considered ill-informed and conspiratorial in nature, especially if they voted for Nixon or told Pat Roberts he was going to hell.

John said...

But I already have a commenting policy.

Keith Taylor said...


I really miss Raynorism sometimes.

Joel Thomas said...

Or maybe the problem is that we bloggers are all cowbell and no band. :-) Beth excepted, of course.

Jeff the Baptist said...

Hey I like your comment rules, mostly because I'm immune to their penalties. Heck, I am one of the penalties.

Beth has some excellent points in her piece. Popularity is not a predictor of truth. There are lots of big congregations who found their churches on lying to people. Or at least they tell people what they want to hear, which is eventually going to be lying to people.

The church needs to be ultimately about the Gospel. The right is too busy telling people they are sinners to give them bread. The left is too busy giving people bread to tell them that they are sinners. And neither one mentions the real truth, how Christ solves the problem of us all being sinners.