Thursday, September 07, 2006

Resolving the Barbecue Debate

We've had a rather heated discussion -- well, a brawl -- about which variety of BBQ is the best or preferred by God as stated in His Word. I would like to propose a way of resolving this debate and bringing peace to this forum. Let us prepare a quantity of all four varieties of BBQ and hold a taste test with a neutral arbiter, like Beth Quick. She will make the final decision.


Mark Winter said...


With all due respect to Beth, ain't she one of them Yankee types? I mean, don't me wrong: I believe Yankees can get to heaven and all, but can they really judge BBQ?

Greg Hazelrig said...

Ha Ha!!!! Finally we agree on something Mark.

No offense Beth. :)

John said...

That's what I mean -- she has nothing at stake in this conflict.

It's very true that she may be unfamiliar with BBQ. Would you deny her the chance to experience it? What did Jesus say on the subject in the Great Commission?

Joel Thomas said...

If Texans can pretend they know anything about Mexican food, Beth can surely judge BBQ.

Mark Winter said...


I see your point. Even Yankees deserve God's gracious gift of Texas brisket. I repent in dust and BBQ sauce.


I see you live in Oklahoma. I would make a joke, but, dang, I'm a native Okie. As far as Texans knowing nothing about Mexican food, you may be right since Tex-Mex isn't true Mexican food. But be truthful: would you rather eat a native bowl of menudo or a delicious combo platter from On the Border?

Joel Thomas said...


I lived in Texas for 11 years and came to love the state. But I also became firmly convinced that Texans on the whole don't seem to be aware that there are 49 other states and DC.

I'm a native of Louisiana. In Oklahoma, I'm treated as an Oklahoman. In Texas, no matter how long I lived there, I was always regarded as something of a foreigner.

Keith Taylor said...

Wait a dang minute! Isn't Beth a vegitarian?

Oh well, she can judge the cole slaw and the onion rings! LOL

Mark Winter said...



Richard said...

We had an Argentinian Church BBQ last month because our pastor is Argentinian. The food was delicious.

Art said...

The only problem with your original proposition is that if you give some Yankee a taste of Mark Winter's fake Texas 'barbeque'it might scar their psyche so badly that they will never be able to correctly judge food again. This would only work if you make sure they taste the real stuff (Tennesse or Carolina style)first!

Mark Winter said...


Bro. Greg and I have decided to adopt a
catholic spirit
and agree that God's table is full of all kinds of BBQ. It's hardly Methodist to exclude anything.

Although I'm convinced God draws the line at vinegar sauce.