Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tales From the Madhouse

No, it's not a promotional video from Asbury Theological Seminary. It's a selection of monologues from eight people who encountered Jesus. The film is set in a Victorian sanitarium where the eight live in individual rooms. Each one speaks about his life, his understanding of the world, and how Jesus impacted him.

Look, there's a lot of lousy Christian monologues out there clumsily put together by second-rate actors and third-rate writers. Ya'll know that I have a very low opinion of the Christian Stuff Industry and its endless parade of badly-written tripe. This isn't that at all. This film is a very carefully written drama, enjoyable by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Each 15-minute tale comes with a discussion guide that makes it perfect for small group usage.

But I really can't overstate the quality of this production. It's simply breathtaking as a work of professional writing and drama. Get it.


Mark Winter said...

Thanks for the recommendation. As a drama evangelist, I'm always looking for good stuff like this.

BTW, I noticed that Joss Ackland and Claire Bloom were in the acting credits. Ackland played C.S. Lewis in the BBC version of Shadowlands, and Bloom played Joy Grisham, who eventually became Lewis' wife. This version, in my opinion, was far superior to the theatrical release starring Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger. You can find it at Christian Book Distributors or any other major media source.

Jonathan said...

I have seen some of these, and I agree they are very good, sort of like the Christian version of the Twilight Zone.