Monday, October 02, 2006

The Christian Coalition Has a New President

Yesterday, Kat and I hungered for some contemporary worship. So we searched around the Internet and found a nearby church that had evening contemporary worship.

It was a thriving megachurch in an Orlando suburb. We found seats just before the associate pastor came out and said (my paraphrase): "Well, you may have read in the newspaper yesterday that our senior pastor was just named President of the Christian Coalition."

One doesn't hear that everyday.

Pastor Joel Hunter came out on the stage and explained that he would still be pastor of Northland and that the Christian Coalition was moving its headquarters to Orlando to facilitate his leadership. He then preached a very good sermon on deliverance.


christopher said...

Is it just me...or does he look a tad bit like...oh who is it...oh yes, George W. Bush!

Joel Thomas said...

A Coalition head who opposes the death penalty? GREAT! I doubt that will go over well with a lot of conservative Christians, particularly those who are also Republican.

John said...

Any conservative Christian politican agenda has to be more than about sex.