Sunday, October 01, 2006

Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup # 85

Here's the week in review in the Methoblogosphere:

Abi Carlisle-Wilke rounded up the week in college football.

Allan R. Bevere read the book Misquoting Jesus by Ehrman and wrote about the importance of solitude for our lives.

Christopher Gudger-Raines wrote that Methodism's last hope is the potluck dinner. He also reviewed the book May I Walk You Home?

Amy Yarnell wrote about fasting.

Andy Stoddard lectionary blogged for September 27 and 28.

Clif Guy wrote about the requirements for an open source church management system.

Richard Heyduck wrote about the difference between spiritual assurance and spiritual security.

Beth Quick reviewed a production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Betty Newman wrote that we should fill our rainbarrels of God with rich, spiritual experiences.
Brian Russell wrote about Ruth overcame the obstacles between herself and God's call on her life. And he did the same thing with Naaman, too.

Bruce Alderman wrote about how secular agencies and churches are approaching the problem of homelessness in Wichita two different and contradictory ways.

Conservative Seminarian looked at epistemology and the limits of what we know that we know that we can know.

Joel Thomas reviewed the book The New American Militarism and examined how theological disagreements can often get personal.

Josh Tinley wrote that we're all 'inner Pharisees' (Best of the Methoblogosphere!).

Dave Faulkner wrote about David Cameron's (a UK Conservative leader) leadership capability. He also preached on power domains within the church.

Dave Morris wrote about modern-day idolatries.

Dave Camphouse wrote about the importance of watching TV.

Dave Warnock wrote about how Biblical, evangelical feminism is marginalized by secular feminism (Best of the Methoblogosphere!).

Richard Rosenberger wrote about the increasing ecumenical union between Lutherans and Methodists.

Sally Coleman wrote that women in ministry need to smell their femininity, and the need of such women to find a language to do so.

Steve Heyduck wrote about creating a community of love.

Andrew Thompson wrote about anorexia victims respond to the Eucharist.

Greg Lee wrote about the censoring of the VeggieTales and urged readers to see the movie Facing the Giants.

Greg Hazelrig preached on selfishness. He also wrote about what Jesus taught about service and about receiving good news.

Guy Williams wondered if what is right is what people consider relevant. He also rounded up the week in college football.

Holy Pirate wrote about liberal politics being inserted into seminary coursework.

Jay Voorhees wrote about the ethos of the emerging church movement, practical church leadership in a mix of liberals and conservatives, and the imprisonment of an AP journalist in Iraq.

John Battern wrote about liberal theology and its impact on the UMC, the moral necessity of Hell (Best of the Methoblogosphere!), and cleaning off membership rolls of long-absent members.

Just As I Am taught on the cyclical pattern of Israel's moral history.

Ken Carter preached on the catastrophe of AIDS in Africa.

Kevin Baker wrote about the slow acceptance of torture.

Larry Hollon wrote about stability in Somalia and how the US is legislatively addressing torture.

Matthew Johnson wrote about how hard it is to find good defenses of Arminian theology and how little Calvinists really understand about Arminian theology (Best of the Methoblogosphere!).

Keith McIlwain wrote about Bill Clinton's fight against terrorism, the UMC understanding of the episcopacy, and how we say 'thank you' in the Eucharist.

Michael Daniel wrote that school shootings occur because our society communicates to children that human life is valueless (Best of the Methoblogosphere!). He also thinks that Muslims should be able to accept the Pope's apology.

Jared Williams wrote about why conservative Christians are worried about the November election.

Jason Woolever wrote about the inspiration of Scripture.

Richard Johnson wrote about Tony Blair's political leadership.

Sandpiper wrote about living with our regrets about past decisions, that the salt of the earth only accents, not replaces, the meal of Christ, and what it means to be meek.

Lorna Koskela wrote about affirming the existence of God.

Sky Lowe-McCracken doubts that the UMC connexion is really that valuable to the laity (Best of the Methoblogosphere!).

Kurt Boemler wrote about what the Apostle Paul meant by the term "church".

Jonathan Marlowe wrote about whether we should even be debating torture.

Dale Lature wrote that America is descending into Nazism and how modern connectivity has not connected Christians into a real community.

Todd Miller reviewed the film The End of the Spear.

Wes Whiddon confronted an ugly atheist blog. Interesting results in the comments. Link

Jim McKay wrote about the right of habeus corpus and the War on Terrorism. He also wrote about how FoxNews is covering the Mark Foley sex scandal.

Shane Raynor wrote about the components of a church growth mindset and why it's important to call God our father in spite of gender inclusivity concerns.

Willie Deuel explained theologically why he had gastric bypass surgery.

Tony Mitchell wrote about how church power structures can marginalize people who experience God differently.

Andy Bryan wrote his Jesus is Lord and itinerancy ordination questions.

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