Thursday, December 07, 2006

Logical Consistency, Pluralism, and Gavin's Butt

Previously, I wrote:

It is not necessary to prove that intellectual assertions are true or false in order to prove that they contradict each other.

For example:

1. Gavin Richardson has the UMC logo tattooed on his butt.
2. Gavin Richardson does not have the UMC logo tattooed on his butt.

I have not done any research on the subject. Nor do I plan to, or wish to hear from anyone who has. But I don't have to in order to prove that there are only two possibilities: 1 or 2.

If there is a third possibility, please inform me of it. If you cannot, then you must accept my argument as correct.

To aid in the resolution of this debate, JD e-mailed me this photo of the posterior in question:

Case closed.


JD said...

Now if God was just as easy to prove...


bob said...

A pictures worth a thousand words.

John B said...

I think I'll go wash out my eyes!!!

MethoDeist said...

Why is it so lop-sided?

JD said...


I think since I did find it at the tattoo parlor, maybe it was swollen from the new tattoo?