Thursday, December 07, 2006

Prayers to Make in Preparation for Studying the Bible

Brian Russell has an intriguing list of prayers that Ancient and Medieval Christian scholars prayed to prepare themselves for reading the Word. Here's one from the Venerable Bede:

May your Spirit, O Christ, lead me in the right way, keeping me safe from all forces of evil and destruction. And, free from all malice, may I search diligently in your Holy Word to discover with the eyes of my mind your commandments. Finally, give me the strength of will to put those commandments into practice through all the days of my life. Amen.

I generally just start reading my Bible without any particular preparation. But that should change.


Dale Tedder said...

I generally pray God's Word back to him (from the end of Luke) where it says that after the resurrection, Jesus opened the apostles' minds so that they could understand his words.

I ask God to open my heart and mind to to receive, understand, and have the will/discipline to apply what I will read that day. It has been a real blessing in my reading of God's Word.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great picture. ;)