Saturday, January 13, 2007

Preacher/Entertainer Jesse Duplantis a Hit in Paris

Televangelist Jesse Duplantis has been very successful in Europe lately:

PARIS — Coming soon to the Omnisports de Bercy in Paris are Justin Timberlake, Blue Man Group and John Legend. But the only sold-out show so far belongs to Jesse Duplantis, France's favorite American "comique."

They think he's the second coming of Jerry Lewis," says one bemused New York theater critic.

While Duplantis's American audience is limited mainly to TBN viewers and Word of Faith churches, in Paris he's built a following as a comic genius. After his recent appearance a French newspaper called him a "brilliant showman and deft satirist of all things religious and American."
But for Duplantis, this poses a problem.

"French audiences don't think I mean what I preach. They think it's an act," he says backstage after one "performance." "The more I tell them I'm serious, the more they think it's an act."

The French see preaching as an American art form, like blues and jazz music. Recently at a packed 15,000-seat arena Duplantis called people forward for prayer, which the French audience gamely did, clamoring for him to touch their foreheads. Some even fell over backwards for effect.

"I loved the audience participation," said one girl excitedly in the lobby afterwards. "It was like being part of his culture for a moment."


Dan Trabue said...

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with theater of the absurd..."

Nothing like refusing to take someone seriously to take the wind out of their sails.

John said...

I saw Duplantis preach once. My wife and I went to John Haggee's church in San Antonio. Duplantis was the guest preacher.

We noticed that Cornerstone had a remarkable range of socioeconomic classes -- from clearly very rich to dirt-poor. And we have never been in a church with so many interracial couples.

Anonymous said...

I hate to agree with the French on anything, but I've always thought Duplantis was hillarious too...

Anonymous said...

What's NOT hilarious is the number of poor people who take what little they have and "donate" it to his ministry. He sells that prosperity bunk in his TV infomercials - er - sorry, meant to say, he shares God's promise of prosperity to those who support his ministry.

If you want true hilarity, Google Jesse Duplantis and read some of the crazy things he's shared with the world (including Jesus flying with him on his private jet).

On second thought...the French might not be so bad after all.

Anonymous said...

jesse must still be messing with LSD taking a trip to heaven.This man is hilarous!ha!ha. Hey next time u go call me. iwant to meet Jesus toooo.