Saturday, January 13, 2007

The UMC and Baptism

Guy Williams has an excellent two-part analysis of what the United Methodist Church believes takes place in the sacrament of baptism.

Part 1
Part 2

Thanks to Asbury, I have a somewhat higher sacramental theology than Guy, but his posts are a good starting point for discussion.


bob said...

John, Guy seems to discount infant Baptism what are your thoughts.

John said...

Bob, where do you read that in Guy's text?

Matthew said...

FYI - Guy was the Student Body President my first two years at Asbury Seminary.


John said...


Maybe I've just has peculiar theological experiences here at the Florida Campus.

Here is where Guy and I differ:

[Baptism] powerfully proclaims God's prevenient grace, but it does not convey that grace.

My understanding (thus far) is that baptism provides an actual infusion of prevenient grace, instead of simply standing as a symbol of God's prevenient grace. Although such grace is not limited to the act of baptism (as Guy correctly points out), baptism does more than simply "proclaim" God's grace.

Chris Muir said...

Another de Lempicka fan!

John said...

Youbetcha. I love the texture of her works. It's like creased sheet metal. Or like a Bouguereau on shattered glass.

bob said...

John, Your correct I miss read Guy's position, sorry