Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mark Winter's Simeon's Dream

At the Congress on Evangelism, Mark Winter, the General Evangelist for the Central Texas Conference gave me a video of one of his stage productions: Simeon's Dream. This one-person play is based on Luke 2:25-35, in which Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus encounter the holy man Simeon. I finally got around to watching it last night, and it was amazing! Mark is a gifted actor who conveyed the OT prophetic call about Jesus, fulfilled before his eyes in the baby Jesus. Mark concluded his monologue with an evangelistic calling.

It was an outstanding production: highly realistic and expressed with detailed precision in accent, mannerism, and intonation. If your church is trying to think outside of the box about how to summon people to redemption in Christ, Mark Winter's Simeon's Dream might be just the ideal means.

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Mark Winter said...

Hey, John,

Glad you enjoyed Simeon's Dream. Thanks for the endorsement! I hope to see you and the other bloggers next year in New Orleans.