Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Baptist Hijacking of Locusts & Honey

I will be away from blogging for two whole weeks while I attend License to Preach School in Lakeland. It's a training event for all non-ordained clergy who aren't in the Course of Study program for local pastors.

Naturally I have turned over Locusts & Honey to a bunch of baptists, namely Jeff the Baptist and Dan Trabue. Thank you, guys, for helping out. She's a good blog, but she starts to shimmy if you take her over Warp 6. Watch out for Jim, he's likes his switchblade too much. And don't mind Gavin, he always smells that way. Otherwise the ol' girl will serve you right. Take good care of her.


gavin richardson said...

fun.. the kids get to play

bob said...

Does this call for total immersion?

Art said...

Baptists??? Oh, how far ye have fallen... ;)

Dan Trabue said...

Actually, a baptist and an anabaptist. So, yes, total immersion and, if you don't, you'll be shunned.

Jeff the Baptist said...

Hey wait, I haven't actually been immersed... I guess I have to shun myself.

gavin richardson said...

i wouldn't mind the immersion. can i take a bar of soap in with me?

jim said...

I'm in a Jet. Watch out for my switch blade.

"When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way
From your first cigarette to your last dyin' day!
When you're a Jet, let 'em do what they can
You've got brothers around, you're a family man!
You're never alone, you're never disconnected, you're home with your own
When company's expected, you're well-protected!
Then you are set with a capital J
Which you'll never forget till they cart you away
When you're a Jet you stay a Jet."
--West Side Story

jim said...

umm... that is "I am a Jet."

All dramatic effect is lost...woe is me...

*puts switchblade away (it was a pocket comb anyway)*

TN Rambler said...

Enjoy your time at licensing school. The bonds that you make there will support you in your ministry.

the reverend mommy said...

L to P school was one of the best things I ever did. Good people, good relationships. I'll be in prayer for you John.

And eat at the Red Barn in Lakeland. Best Steaks in FL.

truevyne said...

aren't we important to be honored with a lisence to preach? seriously, i'd never heard of such a thing, but it sound VERY necessary.