Monday, May 07, 2007

Embury Methodist Church

Embury Methodist Church
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I thought I'd introduce myself with a photo of a cool-looking local Methodist church and a poem about one of our patron saints...

John Wayne's Gut
a cowboy rap/yodel shindig

I used to watch the Western shows
When I was a boy
The shoot 'em ups and slap 'em downs
brought me endless joy

As the years passed by, I've left behind
all my violent ways
But though I left the Duke behind
this one thing always stays:

I've got John Wayne's gut
Great big belly and a scrawny butt
I've got John Wayne's gut
Although I'm not a right wingnut
He rode off into that final sunset
Never to be seen again
And tho' he's gone
He'll always be
my friend.
I got John Wayne's gut.

Thanks to John for the invitation to guest-blog in his absence. Here's hoping I don't embarass him or myself. He'll surely be missed...


jim said...

What a face lift for Locusts and Honey! Dan, this is like when Richard Karn (Al from Home Improvement) took over Louie Anderson as host of Family Feud! Marked improvement. Marked improvement.

Mark Winter said...

Here's hoping I don't embarass him or myself.

Too late...

Dan Trabue said...


And on the first day on the job, too!