Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Greetings from the Dark Side of the Force.

When John asked me to do this I really wasn't sure. I have a self-titled blog that is all about me or at least my interests. Considering the cult of personality that unfortunately exists in some Baptist churches, I suppose this is a very Baptist thing to do. A blog all about little ole me! But now I'm blogging at some other guy's place in his stead. I guess now I know what it feels like to be a visiting preacher covering a senior pastor's vacation.

Thankfully John left me with some ideas so I won't just be talking about my cat for two weeks. Yes that was one of his actual suggestions for things to do to fill time. I'll let you rebuke him when he returns. I promise catblogging will only last a week tops.

This should be interesting. I've been told that the difference between Baptists and Methodists are that Methodists can read. Somehow that must be simplistic. Although it would explain why most of the hits on my blog are people looking for pistol targets.


Dan Trabue said...

While we have access to his site, can we actually kick him off? Wouldn't that be something if John comes back and he is banned from his own blog?


Sorry. Breaking into Southern Baptist mode there.

Jeff the Baptist said...

Unfortunately I'm pretty sure we're locked out of all the good menus. ;)

Oloryn said...

Just don't forget about the caption contests.

the reverend mommy said...

Maybe caption contests that feature Mile the Cat.

jim said...

I think I'd actually like to see some cat blogging on Locusts and Honey. ...it would be kind of like his worst waking nightmare. While you're at it, give them thought bubbles in biblical Hebrew. And maybe throw in some anti-rabbit jokes. That would be fun.

jim said...

Maybe you can even start posting caption contests from I CAN HAZ CHEESBURGER?

Mark Winter said...

It starts with cat caption contests and anti-rabbit jokes...and then it's a slippery slope to pro-pig BBQ posts.

jim said...


John B said...

I've never understood why people would blog about cats or rabbits in the first place. Everyone knows that a dog is man's best friend. Have you ever tried to play fetch with a cat or a rabbit? Has a burglar ever been scared off by the sound of mewoing or a nose twitching? Has anyone ever won the $10,000 prize on America's Funniest Videos because a cat or a rabbit put its nose in an inappropriate place which resulted in a humorous reaction?

the reverend mommy said...

Cat Blogging! We want Cat Blogging!

Dan Trabue said...

How's this:

I'm having some work done on a shower at my house. They had to tear out the floor and the wall about one foot off the floor. I got a call yesterday from the workers saying one of our cats had run into the wall.

Went home. Found one cat and the worker said, "Yeah, I think that's him." So I told the worker to go ahead and cement the wall in place (see photo).

Well, of course, I get home last night and, sure enough, there's meowing coming from behind the wall! Shades of Poe!

Not to worry, I tore out our roof and rescued the
cat. (again, be sure to see the picture). The big, dumb cat.

And everyone lived happily ever after - my daughter had her cat back and I had a hole in my roof.

Does that sate your sick catblogging needs?

Oloryn said...

Dan -
that depends. Do I parse that as (sick cat) blogging, or sick (cat blogging) ?