Sunday, May 27, 2007

Re: Your Brains

A hilarious song about getting along with zombies. I can't believe that I haven't encountered it before.

It's called "Re: Your Brains" by Jonathan Coulton. Hat tip to Matthew Johnson.

Plus: Zombies attack Apple computer store (if you know Mac people, this makes sense). Hat tip to both Matthew Johnson and David Camphouse.

And: Kurt Boemler e-mailed this link to a trailer for a new zombie movie. I'd seen it before, and I think that it really doesn't take the zombie menace seriously. Zombies are not pets. But then again, pet stores are now selling scorpions as pets, so maybe the zombie-as-pet thing is just part of a generalized stupidity toward serious dangers.


Matthew said...

Are you saying that Mac people are the only ones with brains big enough for a zombie feast?

David said...

Thanks for humoring the delusions of a harried pastor.

John said...

The zombies attacked the Mac computers because they couldn't find nourishment from the Mac users.

JD said...
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