Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Barbarism is Okay So As Long as It's in the Bible

I guess that that's the basic message of this disturbing website.

Hat tip: Gavin Richardson

UPDATE: Any lawyers reading this blog? Is this not illegal? This looks like enslavement and child exploitation for financial gain.

I notice that the site links to a Watchtower site. I wonder if this is a Jehovah's Witnesses operation.

SECOND UPDATE: This site may be a joke. Read the testimonials.


Richard Hall said...

It has to be someone's idea of a joke.

Doesn't it?

gavin richardson said...

snopes has a reference page for the site that gives some good reason for it being fake, but doesn't say either way that its a joke.

Nate Loucks said...

I found this link (http://hitsusa.com/blog/84/marryourdaughtercom/) that says it's a big phishing site. One person in the comments said they created a fake email account and submitted it and "watched the spam roll in..."

Kenny said...

The snopes page now says that the site's creator has acknowledged that it is a parody. They updated it the day after you posted this.