Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How I Spent This 9/11

I went to a memorial luncheon at the local VFW. A large crowd turned out to honor our heroes and mourn the dead.

How about you? How did you mark this solemn day?


revjfletcher said...

I spent some time looking at photos and videos (commentaries mostly) from that day.
This idea about not teaching 9/11 to students blows me away. Sure the next generations won't remember it like I (we) do--just like I don't have the same kind of emotions about Pearl Harbor, JFK or MLK, but I know about them and their importance.
I'm glad that's off my chest now. Thanks for asking. Stay blessed...john

DannyG said...

(J) and I spent 8 hrs helping conduct a blood/bone marrow drive at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Durring a slow moment we were discussing where we were and what we were doing when we heard about the events of 9/11. I was actually being interviewed by a reporter from Women's Day about my Marrow Donor experience when she was interupted by a message that there was some type of disaster in the NYC financial district. She was located in New Jersey, but her husband worked down there. (Not in the Towers, though). She asked to call me back later. I headed off to work and heard about the 2nd tower being hit...and knew that it was not an accident at that point.

Mitch Lewis said...

I walked outside my headquarters just before 1700. On this day, I wanted to be outside to stand Retreat. I saluted as the flag was raised from half to full staff, and then slowly lowered.

Then I went back to the mission.

Stephen said...

I celebrated my Birthday, because I am determined one day to get my Birthday back from the terrorists.

~c. said...

Devotion on remembrance at Habitat build.