Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Left Behind Video Game

Mark Whittinghill:

I know the Left Behind video game is old news, but I saw a copy for the first time today and read the box. You have the option of playing as Tribulation Force or the forces of the AntiChrist. I know that this is the Christian alternative to evil video games and all that, but isn’t being a minion of the AntiChrist worse than being a space mercenary or an orc?


Michael said...

There's no message. It's a money-making thing, nothing more.

John said...

Probably. I've heard that the company has been sending legal threats to bloggers who critique this game. That certainly isn't Christian behavior.

John Wilks said...

The whole Left Behind enterprise has always been about money. Most end-time books and videos and t.v. shows are.