Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What Is A "Successful" Blog?

Thomas Bartlett on whether traffic is a good indicator of quality blogging:

Judging the success of a blog by its page views is sort of like rating a movie by its box-office tallies, a TV show by its Neilsen ratings, or a book by its place on the best-seller list.

By that standard, the best movie in the country is “30 Days of Night,” the best TV show is “Dancing With the Stars,” and the best novel is World Without End, by Ken Follett.

Here's the way I see it: when Locusts & Honey is rolling in the traffic, it's because I put out a high-end blogging product. When the traffic counter is barely ticking, it's because Locusts & Honey readers are an elite with refined tastes.

Hat tip: Joe Carter

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Art said...

John, I have seen days of truly insane numbers of hits and days where I wonder where all my readers are - all the while writing the very same blog day to day. I suspect you have had similar expereiences. Do we change as bloggers or as people from day to day? I don't think so but it really doesn't matter... our blogs are sucessful only when we are happy with what we have produced. And that is most days for me, traffic numbers be damned.