Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Question of the Day

If you could change one thing in the United Methodist Social Principles, what would it be?


Anonymous said...

Why change anything in the Social Principles? They aren't doctrine, they are just an official statement. I can disagree with a statement. If it were doctrine it would be a different matter.

John Wilks said...

I'm just tired of this question because I know where it usually leads.

Maybe the lack of responses is a sign of issue fatigue.

But just for grins, how about clarifying our stance on alcohol consumption?

The current is a bit ambiguous: some think we're still absolute tee-totalers, others think the current wording allows (begrudgingly) for moderate consumption. I favor a moderation stance myself.

Will said...

I wonder if the alcohol question is confused by the ban of it's presence on church grounds. Does it make sense to allow moderation for individuals when it won't allow it at all for, say, a wedding reception.

The issue is even more confused in the British Methodist Church. At Conference a couple of years ago, it made a concession for church's where a significant portion is used as a conference (basically, giving Methodist Central Hall in Westminster the ability to sell alcohol). The thinking was that they would lose money.