Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Only Reason Why I Don't Play Indoor Laser Tag Anymore Is Because People Would Look At Me Funny

It's certainly not that I don't want to. The last time that I did play was with my wife about five years ago. And it was a hoot. Seriously, is there any sport more fun?

Not a sport you say? Well, years and years ago, when the batteries weighed 25 pounds a person, it sure was.


Stresspenguin said...

For my bachelor party two years ago, My brother/best man took the group to a place in Illinois with a 3 story, 14,000 square foot arena.

At this point, I had been running between 1-3 miles and lifting at least 1.5 hours six days out of the week.

We played laser tag for 8 hours straight (they kicked us out at midnight when they closed, or we'd kept going.) Three days later, my legs, arms, abs, and shoulders were still sore.

Laser tag is indeed a sport, even with the lighter weight gear.

Jason Bock said...

I get together with a bunch of adults from age 15 (my son) to 50+ for annual laser tag tournaments. Many of us have been playing for 20+ years competitively. This year we played almost 60 games of intense laser tag over 4 days. Sure, people look at me funny...but it's probably the kilt. If you go to the right place, lots of people of all ages and types are playing laser tag!

Jason Bock---The Laser Tag Guy

John said...

That's pretty cool! Ah, if I had the people and the money, I would love to play regularly.