Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Outside perspective

John Armstrong, a Reformed writer and blogger, posted his thoughts about the retired UM pastors in California who have aggreed to officiate gay weddings. I found his thoughts interesting coming from someone outside the UMC.

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Larry B said...

We've actually recently decided to not join our local methodist church (we moved due to employment several months ago) and one of our primary reasons was because of the disrespect an increasingly larger part of the denomination is showing for the discipline that we all agree on (and agreed to again at this GC) in regards to homosexuality. There is a politically active and funded group outside the church advocating for gays and gay marriage in the church that has vowed to never stop fighting until the church fully accepts and in the meantime they are trying to elect gay friendly bishops, passing resolutions at the district conferences that affirm the actions of people like these in California and generally accusing those who agree with the churches current and traditional position on this issue as being bigots and committing spiritual violence. I'm tired of being a part of denomination where this type of rhetoric is allowed to be driven by outside organizations who aren't even associated with the church. It's a complete lack of respect for the connectional aspect of the church and the discipline the church has chosen for itself. (I acknowledge that there are equally active organizations on the other side of this issue and I don't condone their activity either).

Interestingly, we are now part of a reformed church (I think the same as your linked author) in which there is no ambiguity on the position. It wasn't the only criteria, but it was refreshing to us not to have to be subjected to the kind of politicking that goes on in the Methodist church