Monday, July 28, 2008

Question of the Day

I have shamelessly stolen today's Question of the Day from Bishop Schnase, who asks "So, whatcha’ reading this summer?"

This summer, at my wife's behest, I read Stephen King's It. And to prepare for the birth of my first child, I'm reading What to Expect in the First Year. It's considered to be one of the best baby owner's manuals on the market.

How about you?


rocksalive777 said...

At first, it totally thought you said you were reading It to prepare you for the birth of your child.

Also, I read through A Long Way Gone and am working on The Simarillion and Catch-22. Not including stuff for class.

I meant to get through a lot more, as always, but got lazy. Also as always.

Stresspenguin said...

I thought the same thing when I read your post about It.

I've read:
"Rant" - Chuck Palaniuk
Orson Scott Card - "Xenocide", "Children of the Mind", "Shadow Puppets"
Neil Gaiman - "Neverware"
Tony Compolo - "Let Me Tell You A Story"
Ruben Job - "Three Simple Rules"
Tex Samle - "Earthy Spirituality"

Currently reading:
C. S. Lewis - "The Four Loves"
"1 Corinthians"

Next up:
"2 Corinthians"
Mike Yaconelli - "Dangerous Wonder"

Today marks the one-month countdown to the day I have to again read what other people tell me.

the reverend mommy said...

"Three Simple Rules" by Bishop Job
"Red Letters" by Tom Davis
"The Shack"
My friend Missy Tippen's book "Her Unexpected Family"
"Small, Strong Congregations"
"Slack" by Tom DeMarco

Any and all Mercedes Lackey (again)
as well as Marion Zimmer Bradley (again) -- she was Anglican, did you know? Her books take on new meaning that way.

"Exodus To The Virtual World" (or something like that)
"Life of the Beloved" by Henri Nouwen
"Looking for God" by Nancy Ortberg
"Confessions of a Good Christian Guy" (it was OK, not wonderful)

I used to average one to three books a day... then I had kids.

Anonymous said...

The What to Expect books are good reads. Don't take them gospel, though.

I've read very little this summer as a rebellion against Dr. Wood's "Method and Praxis..." class last term.

I have read:

Three Simple Rules, by Bishop Job
C.L Seow's Hebrew Grammar (I'm jumping into Hebrew 2 next term).

I've also read Philippians and Jesus' passion stories over and over and over and over again for comfort.

Mark Winter said...

Just finished reading "The Janitor" (Hilbert and Hopkins) and started "The Shack" (Wm. P. Young) yesterday.

Bible reading: the Book of Romans (The holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul)

doodlebugmom said...

I have been reading mindless, tacky romance novels as I recover from surgery and enjoying them a lot!

Tom Jackson said...

Doodlebugmom: See if you can find a copy of "The Barbarian Princess," by Laura Buchanan.

Laura is actually Florence King, and the book is hilarious.

wes said...

This summer I've read several of Laurel K. Hamilton Vampire novels. I've also read Three Cups of Tea, and A History of the World in 6 Glasses. Currently I'm reading a Historical book on Hannible, Early Methodist Life and Spirituality, The Practice of Preaching, and I'm still reading The Demons by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Other than that, not much.

Anonymous said...

Assasination Vacation.

Andrew C. Thompson said...

Right now I'm reading "Jonathan Edwards: A Life," by George Marsden and "Rome in Late Antiquity," by Bertrand Lancon. The Edwards biography is really great.

Earlier this summer I read Gayle Carlton Felton's two study guides on our relatively new doctrinal statements on the sacraments - "By Water and the Spirit" and "This Holy Mystery". For anyone interested in doing some teaching on the Baptism and Holy Communion in a congregational setting, both of them are very helpful.

Richard H said...

I've recently finished:

G.R.Boys-Stone, Post-Hellenistic Philosophy.

I'm currently reading:
Alan Jacobs, Original Sin: A Cultural History.
Amos Yong, Theology and Down Syndrome.
William A. Cohen, A Class with Drucker.
Charles Taylor, A Secular Age.

Needless to say I have a short attention span.

tck said...

Leviticus and "Troslære", a systematic theology in Norwegian. :)