Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Performance Enhanced Video Games

I've only recently discovered the great blog Ironic Sans, which is a list of various, outside-the-box ideas by David Friedman. Great, great stuff, like this suggestion: sports-themed video games that have a steroid-enhanced mode.

Personally, I'd like to see a video game of the ordination process. Probably as a first-person shooter, since that's my preference in video games anyway.


Matt said...

Please, the ordination process would be a turn-based RPG like the original Final Fantasy. First Board Member asks question, Second Board Member casts fireball, Third Board Member heals damage on Lead Interviewer. Interviewee taking massive damage, attempts to flee, attempt fails!

John said...

Yeah, but who want want to play a realistic game about the ordination process?

Tom Jackson said...

The old text Adventure game format would work, too.

You are standing at the door of a large Methodist seminary.

open door

The door opens. You see a dusty Book of Discipline lying on the floor.

read book

The book is not in a human language.


jimmorrow said...

Yeah, John, but the game keeps freezing up....


Rev. Jeremy Smith said...

Perhaps then the appointment system could be like a game of Risk: "how many UM pastors would it take to steal the Ukraine from the Baptists?"

Rev. Jeremy Smith said...

Oh, and "Stuff Christians Like" has a post up on Grand Theft Auto Christian Edition.


John said...

And Jeremy, like any game of Risk or Succession Wars, victory comes through hidden alliances and betrayals.