Friday, October 31, 2008

Dressing Up

For Halloween I shall dress up as a Methodist.

Describe my costume.


John said...

It would look like a big box of Zantac, indicating that your heart was strangely warmed.

Anonymous said...

...and a covered dish. Preferably green bean casserole with those crispy fried onions on the top.

doodlebugmom said...


Rev. David Garrett said...

It would probably be something anachronistic... nothing later than the 1950's...

A united method said...

You'd have to have some coffee with you. Of course.

Larry B said...

Remembering that the category for this post is humor, it would of course depend on the kind of methodist you wanted to be.

1. Social Justice Methodist: Dress as Jim Winkler and carry a down with Bush sign.
2. Reconciling Methodist: Rainbow covered costume or just cross dress.
3. Confessing Methodist: 3 Piece Suit and a copy of the book of discipline (Choose year that suits you best)
4. Political Methodist: George Bush or Hillary Clinton depending on your preference
5. Libertarian Methodist: Dress as John of Locusts and Honey
6. Average Methodist Congregant: Carry a Crock Pot

Kansas Bob said...

Business Casual

rocksalive777 said...

You'd be an octogenarian. Grey hair. Cane. Complaining about the worship leader's guitar being to loud.

And a covered dish in tow.

Alternately, you could be a middle aged academic concerned with saving the world. Tweed jacket. Jeans. Oxford shirt. Facial hair or pony tail. Cup of coffee in one hand, and a Brian McClaren book sticking out of your coat pocket.

And a covered dish in tow.