Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Short Story That I Have Written

Like so many people, when I was in college, I wrote bad free form poetry. I have a pile of photocopies of several such poems among my things, and I thought that I would share with you a short story that was among them. It, I think, is not so terrible a composition. I wrote it when I was perhaps twenty years old. It is called "Faust."

Content Warning: this is a graphic story about demonic possession and human depravity, and is not for the faint of heart or stomach. I'm very serious about this warning.

i waited in the alley for her for hours and hours and she came real late and i saw her beautiful eyes and i saw her warm warm body and i knew that she wanted it and i ran out and grabbed her and told her to shut up then i stab stab stabbed her with my knife and it felt good to hold the blade and feel the power beauty and i jammed it into her belly it was the vengeance i wanted and i felt good and i licked the blade clean and it was good to taste the warm warm blood it was like home and i heard a noise and got scared no no no theyre not gonna get me ill kill everyone of them first i just want to go home and i ran and hid but then i thought of her and i got her and a rat was trying to eat her already and i dragged her back inside and i put her on the table and i thought and i was scared theyre not gonna get me i know how to kill them all i hate them i hate them i hate them they will suffer for their crimes i will make them pay and i will i will i will i will and i heard a siren and i got scared first i gotta get rid of her and i took a big axe and cut off her arms and legs and it felt good to know she would feel like me and i put her in trash bags and went outside and i still heard the siren but i know what to do if theyre out there and i ran out and put her in the dump and i heard the siren again and i knew they were coming and i ran and ran and i ran and i ran to the bridge and i saw them coming and i ran across until i saw another car blocking it and i was scared and i saw them coming thousands marching and i couldnt run anywhere and i was scared mama mama mama help me im lost mama and i heard him talk and say give them your blessing and i saw all the people coming close and telling me to give up and i would be helped and i heard him say in my head lie lie lie lie lie lie lie and i felt the power and i rose up and lashed out and the men exploded and i felt their blood splashed on me and it felt good and i tried it again and i tasted the blood and i felt the joy and he said do it some more you like it you like it and i made the bridge die and it boomed i felt good and i fell into the water and it was warm and i felt scared where was everybody and the voice didnt talk where are you help me dont leave me alone i need to feel where i am and i screamed in the darkness mama mama hold me keep me safe


greg. said...

wow, man. that was incredibly intense. i'm not sure right now how to even process that, but i can feel the adrenaline levels rising in me.

John said...

Thanks, Greg!

DannyG said...

Given what's happened over the last few years on college campuses this would probably get you a 72hr hold in a secure "facility", and a lot of nice people to talk to:)

John said...

Yeah, so it's probably good that I wasn't popular enough for other people to read my work.