Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Preparation for Parenting

I had never changed a diaper or engaged in any other baby care until my daughter arrived. But my wife and I found that owning our dog and rabbits was good preparation for caring for another non-communicative life. This Cracked video explains how:

Worst Parents Ever -- powered by

Mild language warning.


trekkerjay said...

sick man.... 8-)

Anonymous said...


Your lead had me laughing out loud as I recalled my "strategy" and diapers.
As a medical student on the Pediatric service which included the newborn nursery, the nurse's rule were finder's keepers when it came to a soiled diaper. As a bachelor and somewhat charming, the nurse's would usually rescue me and change the soiled diaper. Later when I became a father, I eagerly changed soiled diapers in the beginning that had me looking like Super Hubby! I was building up my credit rating, because I knew that it wasn't until months later that baby poop actually stinks. My wife who is a nurse - and thankfully still married to me - thought that I was pathetic. Allergies aside, I'm guessing that is also why she will not let us get a dog or cat.