Sunday, January 11, 2009

One of My Quirks

I refuse to shop at businesses that misuse the apostrophe in their primary signage.

Picture via Apostrophe Abuse, a blog dedicated to combating this widespread grammatical perversion.


johnmeunier said...

Maybe there is only one kid there.

Divers and Sundry said...

Well, maybe The Kid runs this studio -a private kindergarten run by The Kid. Maybe it's named after Cheung Po the Kid, a pirate from the 1800's. Maybe it's dedicated to increasing the number of pirates in an effort to decrease global warming. Such a worthy goal!

Because surely in these competitive days of economic hardship, an educational institution would at least get the spelling checked before paying for a sign.

jockeystreet said...

I worked for eight years on a job where, in the locker room, there was a bumper sticker that read "Are We Having Fun Yet!"

It haunts me to this day.

JD said...

That site is classic. My biggest pet peave in grammar is the improper use of your instead of you're. I have some very well educated friends that screw this up on a regular basis. {:^o


JD said...

Oh, yea, and why that specific, less used spelling of enroll? Is it a Floridian thing?


Jonathan said...

Your absolutely right about this. I cant stand it when people misuse they're apostraphe's!