Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Fitness Thoughts

Thank you, dear readers, for your words of encouragement about my running. I've been a lot more aggressive about working out these past few weeks.

I've been focusing on the bodybuilding principle of training to failure. That means to perform an exercise until I can't physically do it anymore. In the past, I've kept my reps at about 10-12 a set, but now I've raised that to 20 or more at lower weights in order to feel the burn. I think that I've succeeded when I feel sore the next day. And I know that I've succeeded when I can do better the next week.

I might, for example, do five sets of push ups until my arms collapse under me. And other than preliminary stretching and a warm-up on the elliptical trainer, that's the only exercise I do that day.

So far, the muscle confusion is working. Today, my belly hurts when I sneeze because of the sit ups I did on Sunday. And I was able to do 10 more sit ups then than on the previous Sunday. That's progress!

Tonight, I'm going to do dumbbell arm curls until they fall off my shoulders.

A while back, I talked about the 100 Push Up Workout, which I did for a while before other life events distracted me. Ultimately, I don't like it because it would prevent me from engaging in other, simultaneous fitness goals.

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Jeff the Baptist said...

I started the 100 push ups challenge, but like you I didn't finish it. The system has a pretty obvious flaw in that the biweekly tests used to re-baseline your workout don't fit into the system's established workout schedule.