Monday, March 30, 2009

I Was Told that There Would Be No Math

Well, at least it's still in number base 10.

Link via Popped Culture


Jeff the Baptist said...

Ever seen the binary clocks they sell at Think Geek? A coworker has one and I have no idea why they would want to obfuscate time like that.

the reverend mommy said...

OK, I love it.
Except that 3(pi -0.14) is not equal to 9.
Other than that, I love it.

Jeremy Barker said...

At least these ones have numbers. The one that are concentric circles with light appear to be made just to not tell time.

Rick said...

"Except that 3(pi -0.14) is not equal to 9."

Well, it is hard to see, but on the clock face 3(pi -0.14) is offset by approximately .143 degrees to account for the approximately 17.2 second difference from 9.