Tuesday, April 07, 2009

50 Things that Every 18-Year Old Should Know

John Hawkins has a list of suggestions, often similar to my own set of personal laws. What would you add to the list?

HT: Dr. Helen

UPDATE: I think that I'll add some of my own, as I still have a few minutes left on my lunch break:

1. When you move out on your own, invest in a basic set of tools: hammer, screwdrivers, and box-end wrenches, both English and metric.

2. Keep a minimum $2,000 reserve in your bank account at all times.

3. Go to work. Drop trou, bend over, get used to it. Note: you can often choose who you're bending over for, and some pay better than others.

4. Be prepared to move anywhere in the country to find a job.

5. You will not meet and loose the love of your life before the age of 25.

6. You have more options than you think that you do.

7. No one has a right to abuse you, and you have no duty to suffer abuse from anyone.


Anonymous said...

On number 1: It seems like open-end wrenches would be a better choice to start with.

On number 3: In some movie, Sean Connery and Matthew Broderick are going to prison. Connery advises him, "Never take it in the ass." I'm going to side with Connery on this one.

I'd add, "If in the process of making money you turn yourself into a bitter old man, it's the bitter old man who gets to keep the money."

John said...

Sometimes it's a choice between taking it in the ass and being unemployed.

I prefer a set that has box on one end and open on the other. I should have made that more clear.

gavin richardson said...

i might also give advice, don't do anything the day of or day after your birthday that age makes you legal for, except calling your car insurance company at 25 for a price break

Anonymous said...

Timely, since my kid is almost 18. Here goes:

1. Read the manual that comes with your car. Never get your air filter changed at Jiffy Lube.

2. Basic clothes care: how to sew a button, treat a stain and iron a shirt

3. Don't wear cheap shoes, don't drink cheap liquor and beware of those who do.

4. If he says you are just too good for him, believe him.

5. Never wear white pants, unless you are Cary Grant and playing tennis.

6. Get paid.

7. Know how to roast a whole chicken and make an omelet. That way when your dinner wins them over, you can make them breakfast in the morning, too.

8. Martinis are made with gin and vermouth. Anyone who says different is a damn lie.

9. If he/she will do it with you, they'll do it to you.

10. Never show up as a guest at someone's house empty-handed.

11. Don't forget to call your mother.

Tom Jackson said...

When you help without permission, you usually just wind up interfering.

Before you help, make sure that your goal is to help, not to make yourself feel helpful.