Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I Love This T-Shirt

Link via Great White Snark


Tom Jackson said...

Larry Niven has pointed out some problems with this.

But maybe Wonder Woman is constructed more sturdily than Lois Lane.

John said...

Yes, I'm familiar with the Niven's exploration of Superman's dysfunctional sexuality. For the reasons that Niven argues, I'd say that Wonder Woman would be a more suitable bedmate. Traditionally, though, she is more often paired with Batman.

Tom Jackson said...

I am reminded of the traditional joke about Barbie, Ken, and G. I. Joe, but you probably don't want that posted here.

It could probably be modified to fit this situation, though.

Keith Taylor said...

Somewhere at my parent's house I have a Superman vs. Wonder Woman large size DC comic book I bought in the late 70s.

It takes place in 1945 after Wonder Woman learns of the Manhattan Project and is horrified and determined to stop it. Since Superman is here to protect the American Way, a fight ensues between them while a Nazi and Japanese Samari with super human strength break into Los Alamos and Oak Ridge.

It is a hellacious fight with lamp posts used as bats to the jaw, etc. One would think they were married. LOL.

It ends with the Atom Bomb exploding over Japan, but not from the Enola Gay, but from the fissionable material combining and exploding during their melay.

The fight ends after the Nazi and Jap are killed in the explosion and one can only assume they make up from their fight.