Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Ignominity of Jeans

Washington Post columnist George Will (left) beclowned himself last week with a column decrying men wearing blue jeans for everyday wear. No, I'm not falling for an Onion story, even though one would be hard pressed to compose a better parody of classist pomposity.

Will is getting appropriately pounded throughout the blogosphere, but I think that the finest fisking of his work is this majesterial column by James Lileks. I rarely read Lileks, but he has really proven himself this week with a comprehensive, biting, and subtle ripping of Will's elitism.

Photo via Michelle Malkin. Dude, yellow pants? Seriously, yellow pants? Fashion maven, heal thyself.


doodlebugmom said...

decrying men in blue jeans...are you serious? I love my man in a pair of levis ;)

ps - the yellow pants are vile

Anonymous said...

On the farm we wore denim because it was durable and cheap. It was not worn to church or parties. Then it became a uniform.

I read George's column, and he made some good points. If a man cannot wear a pair of yellowish pants without derision, it's a bit ridiculous. George is a social commentator. He comments on social issues. I'm not a fan, but he is socially adept, and he looked clean and attractive.

Blue jeans aren't always appropriate even though they might excite a member of the opposite sex. Frankly I'm tired of grunge, muffin tops and belly buttons.