Saturday, April 04, 2009

One Second After

I am totally psyched about the new William R. Forstchen novel: One Second After. It's about people trying to survive after an EMP attack destroys America's functional electronics.

Forstchen is the author of the Lost Regiment Saga, a series in which a Union infantry regiment is catapulted to an alien world through a wormhole and must fight to liberate its new home.

He's co-authored a number of books with Newt Gingrich, but I haven't thought much of them. He brings a lot of attention, but I can't say that Gingrich's involvement improves the writing.

One decent Forstchen/Gingrich novel was 1945. It's an alternate history in which the U.S. and Germany never went to war after the Pearl Harbor attack. The U.S. crushed Japan in 1945, and Germany won control over Europe. Realizing that it cannot beat the U.S. to the atom bomb (which was never fast-tracked with the Manhattan Project), Germany decides to launch a daring commando raid at Oak Ridge, Tennessee to destroy the nascent atomic program.

Thankfully, One Second After is a solo project, so it should prove to be very good.

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