Saturday, July 18, 2009

All Southerners Are Racist

So, continuing my reading of Mistakes Were Made, I found this gem:

Thus, Americans who live in the North and West learn about the Civil War as a matter of ancient history, in which our brave Union troops forced the South to abandon the ugly institution of slavery, we defeated the traitor Jefferson Davis, and the country remained united. (We'll just draw a veil over our own complicity as perpetrators and abetters of slavery; that was then.) But most white Southerners tell a different story, one in which the Civil War is alive and kicking, then is now. Our brave Confederate troops were victims of greedy, crude Notherners who defeated our noble leader, Jefferson Davis, destroyed our cities and traditions, and are still trying to destroy our states' rights.

Emphasis added. It's a shame that Ph.D-holding intellectuals would indulge is such a stereotype. I'll explain more later. I'm a little too hungover from the corn mash, and too exhausted from having sex with my sisters.

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JD said...


Lest they not forget we are also homophobic and anti-semetic. We have the trifecta going for us, white southerners. Oh, and some call us rednecks and say we are stupid, but that is just in back room bars and in the halls of Congress.