Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My Next Fitness Goal: 100 Push-Ups

I've been able to meet and exceed my goal of running five miles at a time. But my recovery from my last run has been slow enough to signal that my body may have reached its upper limit of distance running. A tendon on the bottom of my right foot has bit a bit tender ever since, and I've managed to avoid any permanent injury to my knees, back, or anything else so far in my life by knowing when to stop, or get help lifting something heavy.

Lately, I've been doing mostly bodyweight exercises. I'm now doing three hundred sit-ups in five sets. If I had a chinning bar anywhere, I'd be working on chin-ups.

I think that my next goal will be to reach one hundred push-ups in one set. I'm did fifty-one last Wednesday, so reaching that goal is quite possible.

As for cardio, I'll kick the treadmill up to 7 MPH, run a couple of miles, and see how that works.


Ed said...

Good for you. Keep up the good work, it will certainly pay off.

The Thief said...

I started doing the hundred push-up challenge, but ended up hurting my shoulders. So I don't do any push ups anymore. ;-)

doodlebugmom said...

good for you! my fitness goal is trying not to trip while walking and falling on my face :o)

bob said...

I tried the 100 push up challenge a few months ago the first 2 weeks went o.k., week three was killer. I just started to give it another go hopefully it will go better this time. Good luck

John said...

I'm not following the proscribed workout plan. Instead, once a week, I do between five and seven sets of push-ups, each to failure.