Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25 Steps to a Better World

Hugh O'Neill has an article in Men's Health in which he proposes 25 simple (but sometimes impossible) ways that the world could be improved. Clever, witty, and funny at times. A few samples:

2. Carpentry, plumbing, and electrical courses would be mandatory for all boys in middle school.

10. Men would be permitted to admit uncertainty, and women would find this hot.

11. Movie reviewers would be forbidden to call a flick the funniest movie of the year until the following year.

18. Parents would strive to give their children self-reliance instead of self-esteem.

What would you add to such a list?

Via TigerHawk


bob said...

People would worry about their own shortcomings before they tried to tell someone else how live.

Bro. Dave said...

Margaritas at 5 O'clock... daily... mandatory!

John said...

Businesses and homeowners would put street numbers, in large type, at the front of their buildings.

An anarcho-capitalist I once knew referred to this as my "statist vice".