Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anime for Kids vs. Anime for Adults


Of this image, Michael Pinto of Fanboy muses that childish anime appeals to adults in that it permits an escape from the seriousness of adulthood and hard anime appeals to kids in that it permits an escape from the inconsequentiality of childhood:

For example if you look at the Disney channel so many of the shows look and sound like gentle sitcoms from a long past era — however my guess is that a certain number of kids want something more. In fact the best way to get a kid to read a book is to tell them that “you’re too young to read this book” and I think anime has that attraction to it.[...]

Flash forward to the future: As an adult I was in Manhattan during 9/11 so watching animation about giant spaceships blowing up seems unrealistic next to what I’ve seen. I still watch violent films from directors like Quentin Tarantino, yet the violence in his films always seems so much more personal. So when I come across a show like Lucky Star there’s a certain escapism to watching a world where not much of anything seems to be going on.

UPDATE: The legendary Steven Den Beste has linked to and commented upon this post.

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