Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Computer Programmer Hacks into Girlfriend's Video Game to Propose Marriage to Her

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Phil, a computer gamer and programmer, hacked into a game that his girlfriend was playing and altered it to create a romantic scenario. Here's how he popped the question:
Long ago I met someone very special here, on the top of this mountain near Haven’s Fair. Our love blossomed into something more splendid than the sun. Once, I tried to capture the sun and bring it to my maiden, but it escaped my grasp before she could receive it. Although I could not bring her the sun, the joy she felt for the gift was so strong, it pressed the spirits of our memories on this mountain forever. Perhaps you found some of them familiar, after a fashion. I hope they evoked fond memories of your past. My time here is limited. Before I pass there is one more thing I must do. One thing I promised to pass on. I love my maiden more than anything in the world, and I am her knight. I’m sure she would recognize me under all this armor.
Phill: Anna will you marry me?

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