Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Every Action Hero Says "We've Got Company"

(YouTube Link)

Huh. I guess that this is an overused line in action movies. And given the context, maybe I should stop saying it when family visits.

The video is by a previously unknown-to-me radio show host called Guy Bauer.

via Urlesque


Johnny Cat said...

Oh well, at least "No time for love" wasn't a cliche.

MC said...

See, it is one of those phrases that I've never thought about, but now I am going to notice it every time it comes up, just like the Wilhelm Scream.

John said...

JC -- I'm trying to push my own catchphrase: "Not without my stockings, Hilda!" So far, no takers.

MC -- Heh. I had never heard of the Wilhelm Scream. That's a fascinating bit of film history.

Jeff the Baptist said...

Yup, the Wilhelm Scream and Castle Thunder.