Monday, April 19, 2010

A Gallery of Awful Science Fiction Book Covers

Good Show Sir is a photoblog of bad science fiction novel cover art. Here's the annotation for Will Shetterly's The Tangled Lands:
It was my late teens and I was studying hard at some top notch university. Then came the LSD and it was all, floating semi translucent men surrounded by magical orbs in a forest being watched by unicorns. I suppose that has something to do with the world of cats, right?

via io9


Will said...
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bob said...

Awesome site you almost made me late for work.

John said...

You're welcome.

If it wasn't a bit racy at times, I'd show it to my co-workers.

larry said...

I checked this out, and it wasn't long before I was clearing away tears from eyes I was laughing so much . . . thanks for sharing!

John said...

In that case, you might enjoy this blog.