Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leonard Nimoy Retires, George Takei Turns 73, Sir William Shatner

Leonard Nimoy, 79, announced that after an upcoming episode of Fringe, he will retire from acting. Nimoy is an accomplished photographer, and the article about his retirement shared this touching story:
He acknowledges he was met with skepticism initially about this latest creative venture, “but I’ve built credibility now in the art world.”

And among the general population, too. He recalls an incident in which he and Tom Hanks were approached by a young man who wanted his picture taken with Hanks. When Hanks asked who would take the photo, the man turned to the now former Mr. Spock.

“He said, ‘Mr. Nimoy, you’re a wonderful photographer. Would you take our picture?’”
(via io9)

In other news, George Takei turned 73 years old. Sci Fi Wire has a list of 25 interesting facts about him, such as that he was named after King George VI.

A Star Trek actor named after a Windsor monarch? Sure, why not. After all, William Shatner might become the Governor-General of Canada, representing Queen Elizabeth there.


Jeremy Barker said...

There is a more current and much larger Facebook page looking to recruit Shatner set up by a co-worker of mine. There is still hope:


John said...

If he becomes Governor-General, that would make him the Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian armed forces during time of war -- including against the US. "It would be my duty to kill as many Americans as possible."

Jeremy Barker said...

Shhh - that's why it's a secret!