Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lord of the Rings London Tube Map


It can be hard to navigate public transit in Middle Earth, which is why t-shirt designer Reagan H. Lee made this handy guide resembling a London Tube map. (via Sci Fi Wire)




Haha, had this existed in the LOTR universe's original timeline it would have made for a much less eventful tale.

Frodo: Erm, yes...I'll have a one way ticket to Mount Doom please...actually better make it a round trip, with the advent of this public transit and all the quest won't claim my life I suppose.

(At Mount Doom) Shuffles up to the edge of the cliff in the innards of the volcano, plops the ring in the lava, looks around, *shrug*, the end.

John said...

Yes, but there'd constantly be bruskers shaking Frodo and Samwise down for spare coppers.