Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Question of the Day

What is your favorite science fiction television comedy show and why?
Red Dwarf
Mystery Science Theatre 3000
3rd Rock From the Sun
Mork and Mindy
Tripping the Rift
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Jeremy Barker said...

Futurama, no contest, for riffing on all the science fiction that came before it. And Bender. And the Finglonger, and Globetrotter physics...

Johnny Cat said...

With all due respect to Futurama, and Matt Groening, I have to give it up for MST3K, and here's why.

The first time I saw this show, in fact the first 4 or 5 times I saw it, I scorned it. It was an easy target for the short attention spanned youth that I was. When I actually sat down and watched an entire episode on a lazy Sunday morning, I got it. It made sense and was therefore instantly more hilarious.

Futurama is funny at first sight; MST3K takes an acquired taste, a love for pop culture, and uses bowling pins and gumball machines to up the quirky charm... a more involved affair.

Futurama is to Cheers as MST3K is to Seinfeld.

Keep circulating the tapes!

Dan Trabue said...

You left off "Lost."

Or is it supposed to be serious?

John said...

Jeremy -- I agree. Futurama all the way, if for no other reason then inspiring inventors to follow on the slipperprints of Dr. Farnsworth.

Johnny Cat -- I like MST3K, but I never acquired the taste for it. Or beer for that matter, which has always tasted like pig urine every time I've tried it. And I'm unwilling to put down a few cases of pig urine before beer starts to taste good.

Dan -- I'd like to see an Internet conspiracy theory which suggests that Lost is just a comedy. I wonder how well it would do with a laugh track inserted into clips.

Dan Trabue said...

I'm with you on the beer=pig urine thinking. How much would you have to consume of the stuff to develop the taste and can it really be worth it??

As to a laugh track for "Lost," I feel like there's one most times I try to explain the latest twists and turns to a crowd of non-watchers.

And then, Jacob - who appears to be a Jesus-like figure (UNLESS that's just what the writers WANT us to think and he's actually evil) - appears to Hurley (who may be crazy, or maybe he's actually seeing dead people - but not communicate with them in the same way that Miles, the scientist/spiritualist who can read the thoughts of the deceased...)


...appears to Hurley and warns him to NOT blow up the ship, the Black Rock, which crashed on the island 150 years ago and from which Richard (who never ages because of a conversation he had with Jacob)...


...was the only survivor because that's JUST what the Man in Black (who appears to be a devil character, UNLESS that's JUST what the writers want us to think...)


... would want and we can't play into the Man in Black (also known as the Smoke Monster - because he has the ability to turn into a cloud of smoke and chase people around and toss them willy nilly about...


... and who is currently inhabiting - APPARENTLY - the body of John Locke (no, not the philosopher, unless that's what the writers are suggesting and this is all some cerebral Philosophy Class exercise about the nature of good and evil...

[whimpering laughter]

...but then, what would that do to the suggestion that this is an acting out of the biblical story of Job, or the story of Jesus?? Anyway, John Locke who USED to appear to be one of the very good guys (with "good guys" being relative, as all of the characters in this show have serious character flaws, including being unfaithful to their spouses and murderers...


...and... where was I?

Dan Trabue said...

Did I mention the polar bear and the giant four-toed statue?

[insane laughter...]

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