Thursday, May 19, 2005

That Didn't Take Long...

Via Tom McGuire, it appears that Norman Mailer is among the bloggers at the Huffington Post. Being a member of the Reality-Based Community, Mailer has reached the conclusion that the phony Newsweek story must have been planted by the Bush Administration:

Obviously, I can offer no proof of any of the above. There still resides, however, under my aging novelist's pate a volunteer intelligence agent, sadly manque. He does suggest that the outcome was too neat. It came out too effectively for one side, one special side. At the age of eighty-two I do not wish to revive old paranoia, but Lenin did leave us one valuable notion, one, at any rate. It was "Whom?" When you cannot understand a curious matter, ask yourself, "Whom? Whom does this benefit?" Dare I suggest that our Right has just gained a good deal by way of this matter? In every covert Department of Dirty Tricks, whether official, semi-official, or off-the-wall, great pride is best obtained by going real deep into down-and-dirty-land—Yeah! Expedite the consequences. [emphasis added]

Of course, he can offer no proof. But who needs it when you live in Reality?

Now if Mailer turns out to be correct, or his opinion becomes the most popular and widespread, then his theory would not benefit the Bush Administration at all. In which case, by his logic, Bush couldn't have been responsible for the story.

Anyway, I wonder why the Bush Administration would undermind Newsweek, since we all know that the mainstream media are very biased to the Right.

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