Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Naked Man Arrested for Breaking into United Methodist Church

Hey, anything that will boost attendance.

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Todd said...

Oddly enough, I read this just after having an interesting encounter at church last night.

Our Wednesday evening weekly program had finished. There was a couple still at the church with me. We were cleaning up (actually the wife was cleaning, her husband and I were just standing around doing nothing). Our door intercom went off. I stepped to the door and there was young man, late teens/early twenties there.

He was looking for a ride. Not across town. Not even to the next town over. He wanted a ride 167 miles to a town half-way across the state. I politely said, "Hope that works out for you."

No, I invited him in and began to brainstorm an idea to get him home. In the process, I contacted a police officer friend, who ran the young man's i.d. Turns out he had an outstanding warrant.

My friend contacted our sheriff's office, who dispatched two deputies out. When all was said and done, the young man and his possessions were searched, the deputies couldn't do anything to help, so I drove him (with my police officer friend meeting us along the way) to the bus station and put him on a bus toward home.

Moral of this story: pastors are vulnerable in the midst of doing good deeds and God's work. Please be careful. We sometimes work after hours when less honorable deeds are done by less than loving individuals.