Wednesday, January 30, 2008

UMC Considers Divestment From Israel

With the General Board of Church and Society leading the way, various annual conferences have moved toward divestment from Israel, and related resolutions will come up in this year's General Conference.

What I have not seen is a movement by the GBCS to divest from Palestine, which has formally and repeatedly advocated the annihilation of Israel. Unlike, you know, the Israelis, who have not reciprocated by annihilating Palestine.


John B said...

Could it be that the GBCS believes that Palestinian attacks against the "oppressive" government of Israel are justified? The oppressed have the right to use whatever methods they deem necessary to throw off the bonds of their oppressors, don't they? Because of who they are not even children who are blown to bits by suicide bombers are really innocent victims. Thus to disinvest in Palestine, would be to side with the oppressors. I'm just speculating here.

What I'd really like to know is how I can disinvest my apportionments from the GBCS.

~c. said...

Are we invested in Palestine, other than missionaries?

Mar Vista Mustang said...

If you want to read further examination of the hypocrisy of some of the United Methodist Church's agencies in regard to their Israeli/Palestinian policies and instruction, drop me a visit at . Thanks!